Alex Berg

Production assistant


Alex is a trained dancer with a broad education background where she started to dance at Marijazz dansskola at the age of nine. Since then she has got herself a thorough education at Lunds Dans- och Musikalgymnasium in mainly ballet, jazz and contemporary and then continued with a modern dance pre education with Karin Nedergaard. Besides that she has been taking summer classes at Broadway dance center (New York, USA) and participated in classes at Skånes dansteater and Cullbergbaletten and today she continues to educate herself at Copenhagen Contemporary.

Alex is a strong dancer who always puts a smile on your face. She acts out her characters with big expressions that make the audience fall in love with her. Alex has performed in a various kind of productions: Christmas show with Stefan and Kim, HAIR (The Musical) at Malmös nöjesteater, and Dance Across Boarders at Skånes dansteater for example. She is a member of the professional dance agency Blac Opal where she performs in different kind of styles.