Roberta Andersson


Head dancer

Roberta is a trained dancer in various of styles; jazz, contemporary, street and lady style to name a few, where the latter ones are her main styles. She has been training dance since the age of 10 and is now continuing her dance education at Lunds Dans- och Musikalgymnasium. Through out the years Roberta has performed in different shows and at different stages, for example Julgalan at Glasklart (2015 and 2017) where she has been a back ground dancer for Timbuktu, Måns Zelmerlöv and Lena Philipsson to name a few. You may also have seen her on Sweden’s got talent (2017) performing with the Power Puff crew.

When Roberta enters the stage she always makes a statement. Her strong and fierce dance style makes the stage pop and she will leave you wanting more. Her talent has made her a part of several dance crews through out the years. She has been a member of the Power Puff, Cookie Cutters and latest OT crew. And now she is proudly presented as one of Sharday’s head dancers.