Photo: Jacob Böös & Benjamin Thunegård

Photo: Jacob Böös & Benjamin Thunegård

Sharday is a sexy, talented and spectacular Drag Show Artist who loves to entertain and always gives the audience a glamorous show to remember. She is a fabulous performer and a colorful character with whom you are bound to fall in love. Her witty charm and unapologetic humor will knock you down. When you least expect it you may end up becoming a part of the show!

You may have already seen Sharday performing on stage, hosting karaoke or mingling at the biggest clubs in Sweden. Wherever she goes, she always make sure to leave the audience wanting more. Below are some of the larger events Sharday and her crew have been a part of:

Game of Love – to Hell and Back, own event at Moriskan, Malmö (2023)
7 Deadly Sins, own event at Moriskan, Malmö (2022)
Pride – In it to win it!, own event at Moriskan, Malmö (2022)
Game of Love, own event at Moriskan, Malmö (2022)
Gayme Night Halloqueen edition with Niki Banana at Moriskan (2021)
Gayme Night with Niki Banana at Moriskan, WorldPride, Malmö (2021)
Battle of the Divas, own event at Mejeriet, Lund (2021)
LundaPride (2021)
Malmö Pride (2019)
LundaPride (2019)
Welcome to Burlesque, own event at Mejeriet, Lund (2019)
Europride Gothenburg, Sweden (2018)
Kulturnatten (2018)
LundaPride (2018)
Westpride (2017)
Traktatet (2017)
Dragshowgalan (2016)
The Indigos International Song Contest (IISC) (2015)


Sharday can be hired as a single act or as a hostess, compere or a model, the possibilities are endless. She is a very diverse artist that does lip syncing, dancing, singing and parodies but also stand up and insult comedy. Sharday can also be hired together with her amazing crew for an outstanding show with mind-blowing dance routines, amazing live singing, incredible humor and so much more. Weather Sharday is on her own or with her crew, the audience will have a night they won’t forget, so prepare yourselves for a fabulous and magical time!

Cast and Crew

Sharday is a queen of perfection and always strives to be the best. Her crew is always being chosen very carefully for their exceptional talent, fiercness and star quality – to each and every show! Sharday and her crew deliver magnificent routines with the perfect combination of hot and sassy, humor and glamour. Their great enthusiasm and energy lures the audience into a world of wonder where it’s impossible not to feel euphoria and excitement!