Salong Engelbrektsgatan 12 Hår & SkönhetEngelbrektsgatan12_ord

Salong Engelbrektsgatan 12 is the beauty salon that style all of Sharday’s faboules wigs. If you want to get a wonderful experience for your hair and body for any occasions, pay them a visit and they’ll be happy to help you.

Folkuniversitetet Skärmavbild 2018-06-05 kl. 10.15.12

Folkuniversitetet is an independent, non-profit adult education association that provides tools to have a richer life through knowledge and creation.

Lunds kommunLundskommunlogohorisontelltPOSRGB

Lund is a fantastic blend of a modern city full of innovations and a thousand years of culture and history. Welcome to discovering Lund!

Logotyp 2 TRANSPARENTLundaPride

LundaPride is the small but personal Pride organisation that has been around since year 2014. Their goal is to make every HBTQIA+ person’s rights acknowledged and sustained.

Photographer Jacob Böös  and JB LoggaBenjamin Thunegård

Amazing photographers and filmmakers that are modern, edgy and incredible editors. They make your vision come through with great sesitivity and an eye for detailes.



Right in the center of Lund is the high school Spyken. Spyken has traditions since the 19th century, but is at the same time a modern school. They are keen to provide knowledge and skills that make the student well equipped to face the future in further studies or professional life.

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