Alex Berg

Production assistant/dresser

Alex is a freelancing dancer, choreographer, artist and dance teacher. She has also worked a lot as production assistant. She began dancing at the age of eight and has since then taken several contemporary dance educations in Sweden, Denmark and England. Other than contemporary dance, she is well educated within ballet and jazz dance. Alex is a strong dancer and creative soul who always puts a smile on your face. On stage she acts out her characters with big expressions that make the audience fall in love with her. Besides dancing she has been doing a lot of expressive art with her own unique point of view. You can check out her work at eeijor

You may have seen Alex performing on stage where she has been in a various kind of productions: HAIR (The Musical) at Malmös nöjesteater, 15 dancers dancing with Svedjesång and Dance Across Boarders at Skånes dansteater for example. If that wasn’t enough, she has also choreographed and performed a very intimate art piece about self-discovery Ursäkta, är det okej om jag förändras? She is one of the original cast members and has danced and worked with Sharday since 2016. Now she is mostly working behind the scenes in each and every show as Sharday’s production assistant and dresser.