Leo Wennerstrand

Lead dancer/choreographer

Leo is a trained dancer with a broad education background where he started to dance at the age of seven at Rydbergs Dance Academy. He started dancing street and hip hop but in later years turned to the classical styles jazz, ballet and modern. He has been performing at the dance school’s spring show several of times in different kind of styles and choreographies.

Nowadays Leo is attending his final year at Lunds Dans- och Musikalgymnasium where he is training in mainly ballet, jazz and contemporary. Describing Leo with one word would be Sass! He is a fierce dancer that always deliver great expressions when performing. One look from him and you’ll be dazzled for life. He has been competing in various choreography competitions and performing in Aniara at Malmö Opera. You may also have seen him in Sharday’s last production, Welcome to Burleque, as one of the dancers. Now he is proudly presented as one of Sharday’s lead dancers.