Stefan Zaric

Lead dancer/choreographer

Stefan is a trained dancer with a broad education background where he started to dance at the age of ten at Kulturskolan, Trollhättan. Modern dance and Jazz are his main dance styles but he comprehend lots of styles, ballet, street and contemporary to name a few. He loves to express himself in all the different styles and always shines bright with his bubbly personality. Not only does he express himself through dance, he also loves to do theater which you can tell by his quirkiness on and of stage.

Today Stefan is attending a modern dance pre education with Karin Nedergaard. Last year he graduated Lunds Dans- och Musikalgymnasium where he was trained mainly in ballet, jazz and contemporary. He is used to the life on the stage where he has been in a different kind of productions, FAME, Christmas show at Glasklart, choreography competitions among others. Now he is proudly presented as one of Sharday’s lead dancers.